Vehicle Safety Installations

We specialise in the installation of vehicle cameras, vehicle tracking and vehicle parking sensors across Ireland and the UK. We pride ourselves in working with our clients directly - cutting out the unnecessary middle man and extra costs.


Stay Safe With Vehicle Safety Installations

The roads can be a dangerous place for any driver, but there are steps you can take to reduce the risk to either you, your vehicle or your company fleet. With Vehicle Safety Installations, we offer market leading solutions in vehicle cameras, vehicle tracking and vehicle CCTV. These are ideal for new drivers, those in fleets or those who want that extra layer of security. For those who want to stay safe while parking, our dedicated and expert team will install and support the latest technology in parking sensors, so you can rest assured that you have the best in vehicle safety.

What makes us unique?

At Vehicle Safety Installations our priority is your safety, we work directly with our customer, whether you are a private customer or a commercial fleet company, to ensure the best vehicle safety solutions are met.

Our broad range of vehicle safety installations, such as vehicle cameras, vehicle CCTV and parking sensors are offered across Ireland, the UK and Europe. As a valued customer, you will have one point of contact, providing you with the highest standard of service, installation and aftercare.

Vehicle Safety Installations work alongside insurance and telematics companies, we handle the entire booking process and provide expert vehicle safety advice and support, one of the reasons why insurers trust Vehicle Safety Installations to represent them by servicing their customers directly.

Leading Installer of Vehicle Cameras
We are Ireland's leading supplier of vehicle camera systems, we offer the latest technology on the market ensuring that all our private and fleet customers receive the best camera solutions to the highest standard. We help drivers stay safe and help protect against fraudulent claims.

Choose Vehicle Safety Installations for Vehicle safety Installations

Our certified installation technicians are trained in how vehicle camera systems are expertly fitted to ensure optimum results.

Whether for single or multiple vehicles, our installation technicians provide:

  • Certified installation technician
  • Complete product integration
  • Upgrades
  • Testing of camera systems
  • Demonstrations

Vehicle camera systems are an extremely useful asset when your customer's goal is to have better control over a company fleet, increased business efficiency and better protection against fraud. Vehicle Safety Installations engineers do an excellent job at professionally installing such technology for fleets of all sizes.

We Install for the leading providers of vehicle camera systems

We also provide lighting systems from our leading suppliers Led global

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What we Do

Park safe

Parking Sensors

Key Features:

  • 3.5" Rear View Monitor
  • 2 Video Input
  • 1 Video / 1 Audio Out
  • Autp PAL/NTSC Formats
  • Turns On Automatically When Reversing

Vehicle Cameras

Vehicle Cameras

9 out of 10 times we're able to prove we haven't done any damage to other vehicles which is essential with insurance providers, as well as use in court. Camera systems range in price to suit customers requirements

Prevent Theft

Prevent Theft

Prevent theft of your tractor/plant and immediately locate it. Reduce insurance premiums and have peace of mind.



Central locking control unit KEETEC CZ 100 with hopping code and many number of user functions - includes 2 pieces of remote controls RC 380. Function CZ 10 are supplemented by inteligent output for directional lights control, built-in unlocking/locking relay of central locking system, vallet switch with LED diode located in the interior of vehicle.

System Description

  • RF receiver with an extremely long range for control system
  • locking the central locking system when ignition turned on
  • sequential output with automatic calibration of the directional lights flashes time
  • trunk opening control
  • optical signalisation
  • adjustable length of unlock pulse
  • rollup the power windows
  • extended lock pulse
  • double lock / unlock pulse
  • input for directional lights flashing control
  • programming by service button


This system is ideal for all from taxi to construction it immobilises vehicles Without phob

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